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Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner
A) Acclimation is a hassle -

Waiting a day and not being able to use my favorite bowl is pain that means i'll be smoking this brand infrequently. Trying to smoke it after just a few hours is impossible for me.
you only need to acclimate it once. when you recieve your package just open it and leave it out for a few hours. also it depends on your weather compared to san diego. weather in the los angeles area is similar to san diego so i only had it open for about 30 minutes and it smoked fine but i left it open after i packed my first bowl for a couple more hours just to be certain.

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner
B) Even with a small funnel it takes far more time to smoke Tangiers then I ever have free which makes me think I should put in the mod. Anyone have any thoughts about that idea?
well this depends really. if you got a mod you can use it to save maʿasel and shorten the smoking time by a bit but i know what you mean that in a small funnel taking up a lot of time to smoke. you can leave the bowl packed and smoke it at a later time which saves you time on setup the 2nd+ time. you can get a second funnel and have it set for tangiers only and do the above, the second bowl will be for when you want to smoke another brand but already have a bowl of tangiers packed.

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner
C) Before I can pack a bowl I have spend literally ten minutes picking out stems and looks like literally a quarter of the pack is stuff I can't smoke. This really makes me wonder if I should buy Tangiers again. For a cheap shisha this is understandable but still a pain and for a more expensive product this is just not acceptable.
the stems wont make a huge difference on the smoke of this brand honestly. sure its more woody but it wont affect you smoke much and the stems have a bit more nicotine so there is more of the buzz.

the brand is pretty good and the flavors are also good. it does have some bad things about it but in the end its worth it.
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