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Default Re: Hookah repair person?

Originally Posted by BigE View Post
The 3M stuff you are thinking of is called panel bond, I forget what the part number is. What it is is a two part epoxy reinforced with glass beads.This stuff takes 24hours to fully cure and is about $40 a package.
that sounds right, i was told its used in the automotive industry now instead of welding for some of the panels because it is cheaper and stronger

Originally Posted by BigE View Post
The 3M stuff is pretty good,but I would still consider bringing it to a welding shop,or plumber,sheet metal shop,or a machine shop,they may not charge very much and you may get to educate them on hookah and who knows after educating them they may not charge at all.
honestly if you took it to any one that knows what they are looking at (from a metal stand point) they will probably laugh (at least if its like mine was), welding it is impossible, they will tell you to solder it your self, soldering is easy just use a small torch and if the metal gets red hot you have gone way to far (with plumbing solder which is the only thing that will work).

get lead free plumbing solder, get a small tub of flux, clean every thing off well so there is no dirt and try to remove old solder, make sure the fit is a tight as possible, wipe the flux over every thing, heat and add in a bit of solder, you only need a tiny bit and you will see it flow all the way around (a nice silver shiny line). only plumbing solder will work for this not jewelry solder (you wont find it at a hard ware store any way and it is technically brazing) but even the lowest temp jewelers solder melts above the temp for the *** metal there

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