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Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner
For anything to rust out in 2 weeks is a sign of crappy materials. My stainless steel rigs have had a couple of years of regular use ( I use them when i'm too lazy to clean the brass rigs i'd rather use) and they have no sign of rust. Stick with a good Syrian, Kahlil Mamoun or Al Ashrey rather then some nameless rig. I hear Madgy Zidan is pretty good as well. A decent narghile should last you several years if you clean it carefully after each use.
I completely agree with you, but i am going off the little flange at the tip of my friends KM Amer downstem. He's had it for about 1 and a half or 2 weeks now, he let it air-dry, and it rusted. it was just the flange though, but i would think it would be made of at least Stainless Steel. I have had some rigs rust on me before, but they were from shops, so they most likely weren't SS rigs.

But KM owners... watch your flanges.
(I hope Scott's is doing OK...)
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