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Default Tempe Police love hookah

I went to the dorm area at Arizona State to have a hookah session (which starts off at about 5 people and USUALLY grows to about 40 or so, and from 1 hookah ending at 5 or more) with some friends two nights ago. Some random guy walked by screaming about how he got punched in the face so the cops were obviously called and they showed up to question the guy and witnesses.

They were right in front of where we were smoking and didn't say ANYTHING to us about the hookahs, even though we were about 5 feet from a doorway, when we're supposed to be 20. They could have easily written us tickets but decided to leave us alone, and 2 of the 4 cops even were staring at the hookah longingly as if they wanted to sit down with us and enjoy some hookah.

Personal proof that the big bad men in blue AREN'T out to get us hookah lovers.
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