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Default Re: Glass Blown Tip Sketches and Designs.

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
I am interested as to how you would propose smoking hookah at room temperature and not allowing water to touch it, which by the way can leach lead as well. the smoke does not start out cool. The stem of your hookah absorbs heat as the smoke passes through it. Feel the top of the stem right after you take the bowl off and notice how warm it is. At peak heat the stem can actually get pretty hot toward the top and especially at the tip.

Now this was started as a joke but I am not okay with anyone thinking it is ok to have lead in a hookah at all.
i wouldnt put lead in a hookah or use one that had it but from my knowledge of lead i feel it is not as dangerous as it is felt by others. the heat wouldnt even get it to a melting point to let lead leach out (melt is 621 f and boil is 3000ish f). the water map pick up lead if it sits there for hours on end but the lead being heavy would probably sink in the water and i doubt the air could pick up the leached lead from the water and carry it all the way down the hose.

but this is kind of one of those, well if pigs could fly...

i do not condone the use of lead in a hookah, just saying that lead is not a extremely dangerous as it is some times thought of

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