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Default Re: Is This A Khalil Mamoun?

game is completly worth the download if your anything like me and have to pirate your games due to lack of money. been trying to beat the game in arcade mode and i have not been able to yet. i get to the point where your trying to save a group of people in a building. your save point is right after you reach the top point of the stairs of the second story then you have to kill a couple people across on a building, one in a window on your right, abnout 4 troops running across a "alley" to a building and one in a room on the second story on your right. to start the next trigger you have to jump to the ground floor from a galvanized steel sorta roof. basicallt 2 walls on either side with an open area in the middle and on the right side is a shipping container and on the left side is some rubble. i can never get past this part no matter what so its a pain in the ass. im so close to putting on that cheat which you unlock to cause the grenades to turn into a cluster bomb but im scared to use that as im 92% positive it will lead to my death in the end.
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