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Default Re: New Herbal Shisha

Originally Posted by texashookah View Post
How's everyone doing? Wanted to see if anyone has tried or even heard about the new Hydro Herbal shisha? It is supposed to be very comparable to all the high end tobacco shisha. We are getting in a shipment by the end of the week. Just wanted to get some preliminary opinions first befroe we go full scale with it.
I did a review on it two days ago.... here it is

Hydro herbal shisha is a great product. This is the first herbal shisha I have tried and after hearing so many negative reviews about other herbal shishas on the market I was skeptical.

Setup : KM Sig Ice, small Egyptian bowl, one in a half 3 king coals, km pro hose

Both flavors were really good. They are not really overpowering flavors but they both give you this sugary taste in your mouth and give you a tingle on your tongue. Both taste pretty similar to what they are supposed to taste like.... more like a fruit then a candy kind of flavor
But of the two I preferred the Strawberry more true to the flavor and stronger overall

The smoke is way better than I anticipated.... Thick really white clouds

Even when I added to many coals the harshness was different from a tobacco harshness... It was a much smother harshness

All I can say is that I am very impressed

Pics of teh Smoke


I would say it would be smart to go full scale on this stuff especially with all the new taxes coming... and its has a good taste and GREAT smoke

Hope this helps

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