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Default Re: College Graduation Hookah Smoke!

I graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Information Systems.
Now, I must quit my part time job and search full a fulltime job with benefits. You see, because I am a college grad, I am getting knocked off my parents insurance and well... we all need insurance. Before that runs out I need to redo my glasses subscription and get laser surgery for a potentially cancerous growth next to my ears which may be genetic. I started applying for jobs on monster, dice, careerbuilder, and hotjobs about a month ago... and got very limited replies with offers. But, I feel that now that some time has passed, I am going to start getting some more offers.

As for my first graduation smoke, I chose Havana Pipe Tobacco
I grabbed it hookah-shisha with i think it was $1.50 for a 50g sample.

I totally recommend it, because this isn't one of those put the coal directly on the shisha.

It has a rich creamy chocolate flavor... medium clouds... with .05% nicotine, I still got no buzz. It is very juicy, but not drippy. I am enjoying this smoke. It tickles my throat a little bit, but I am also nurturing a soar throat... probably the beginning of getting a cold or something.

My setup is a small phunnel w/out scalli, 1 layer heavy duty with the 3 ring circles around it poked with a toothpick, and no windcover (im inside).

I've been smoking for about 25minutes now and am not noticing a flavor drop @ all

I am also accumilating my tangiers orange soda and horchata in two different rooms. I'll probablyl et it sit for 16 hours in 2 seperate rooms @ room temperature.

Favorite Tobacco:
Tangiers - Pear, Orange Soda
Nakhla - Double Apple

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