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Default Re: Tempe Police love hookah

Long Long time ago in my old apartment, My screened in back porch was right on an alleyway that police always went up and down. One night me and about 6 other people were smoking on two hookahs, a three hose and a four hose. I guess the officer saw all the smoke rolling out of our porch and decided to have a look-see. He comes up with his flashlight up ( it was about 11 o'clock )
and knocks on the post and say's.

" What the hell is going on back here? What do you think your doing."

To which someone replies "smoking orange "

He says " The color? Aw hell just go on with what your doing...."

We all looked at each other rather bewildered, and went about out smoking as he got in the cruiser and left.

I guess he didn't feel much like chatting
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