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Default Re: Help w/ new vortex bowl?

Originally Posted by Inthemtns View Post
Hey guys,

Pretty new to the hookah world, so excuse the question

What's the best way to setup/smoke a vortex bowl? Do I need to use more than 1 40mm quick light (they're all I have until next week)?

Any tips/advice on coal placement, how to pack the bowl and where to poke holes would be much appreciated!

Shisha: If it's sticky or in clumps, undo it by rolling it between your thumb and index+middle fingers. Remove stems if any. Then sprinkle the shisha around the bowl, don't push it down if you mustn't or the top layer will burn. Make sure it's even all around that it doesn't rise too high (about the height of the cone in the middle).

Foil: It's really important that the foil doesn't touch the shisha, so use any means necessary (double, triple layers). Reynolds Heavy Duty is recommended because it won't bend as easily under the weight of the coals. Poke many small holes starting around the rim of the bowl, with a pin or a needle, doing a spiral motion until you reach the center. Don't poke holes above the cone.

Coals: If you want to use just one, break one (unlit) quicklight into halves and use them at opposite ends of the bowl. You can use three in a triangular pattern or four, depending on your heat management strategy. Just be sure to put the coals at the very edges of the bowl. Too much heat, the shisha burns, too little, you get thin smoke.

I wish you good luck with your hookah experimentations and welcome to HP!
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