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Default Hookah Master Showdown Idea

Ok so before I explain what this is, I must try to explain a Hookah Master first.

Hookah Master - Someone who runs the entire session of hookah smoking. He packs the bowl, and does heat management, he preps the hookah lamp. No one else is allowed to touch his tongs, and he trys his best to make the session the best it can be for everyone else.

Ok so anyway my brother gave me an idea. He said there should be a show called Hookah Master Showdown. Basically there are 3-4 Hookah Masters at three tables. They have a selection of numerous Shishas and Coals to choose from. Then what they would do is prep the hookah lamp to their style. Everything from even poking holes into the aluminum. Then they would present their lamp to 3 judges, and the judges would decide whose was most enjoyable. What do you guys think, think it would be a hit?
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