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Default It's time to play NAME THAT MOASSEL!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to another edition of
Today we have something my friend Hank bought for me while on his trip to Asia. ( He's a sponsored yo-yo player for Duncan Yo-Yos. This was their 80th anniversary and they sent players all over the world. Hank got Malaysia and Singapore. ) ANYWAYS he went to a hookah bar in Malaysia and said it was amazing. He's never even smoked hookah before that day and I think we got him swayed to the dark side now MOOHHOOOHAHAHA! So thinking of me at home, he asked them for the best shisha they had for "take-out". They gave him this 500g container of this goodness. THe only english on the container is "Fakfakina" and "Bahrain Tobacco Factory". It also had a gold seal on the side and the container is a hard plastic.
If anyone knows please help me! Heres the pic:
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