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Default Nurturing a sore throat

So for the past couple day, my GF has gotten me sick, but I had to see her before she left on a couple day trip to VA. Every morning I wake up with the most possible sore thoat in the world. The only thing I have in my house are sucrettes (spelling) and tha seems to help a little. In another thread, John mentioned smoking Nakhla or Tangiers was a good idea because they don't make your throat as raspy. Well, he was right I packed my mini phunnel with some Tangiers orange soda and my nose started running. When I blew my nose all the icky stuff came out. This may be a good way to clear your sinuses, but I also suspect that I may be getting better I suppose.

Can ne1 give me any recommendation on medicine on how to nurture a soar throat? Thankfully, I don't think I have the cold or flue cause nothing is aching and I haven't been coughing yet. I'm about to make a trip to wawa, but I don't really know what the best remedy is since most of the time I am a naturalistic kind of person. The other thing is, I still wanna celebrate my graduation.

Beers fermentation also sooths the throat for a couple hours, but it comes back when I go to sleep and wake up. Gargling hot water with salt isn't doing the trick. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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