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Default Re: Where have you smoked?

Originally Posted by Jemmay View Post
Well it's not the "Awesomest" place i've ever smoked but one time a friend and i decided to smoke on some picnic tables at the back of a Wal-Mart parking lot near where we live. We had some nice AF Fruits going when a police cruiser slowly rolled by... He went on and we thought nothing of it. A few minutes later, however, 3 cruisers (one a K-9 unite) pulled up on 3 different sides. Long story short, we had to explain ourselves to 5 officers and got frisked in the process.
oh man that sucks but it just reminded me! i had my hookah all setup and in my truck and its 34" tall so it was sticking up above the dashboard and i pulled up to a stop light right next to a cop and he just kinda starred at me then drove off lol i was just sitting there smiling and i waved to him to haha i was expecting to get pulled over by a K-9 unit lmao
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