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Default Re: Nurturing a sore throat

I had glandular fever this time last year and the sore throat side of it f'in killed me:

First, don't smoke for a few days. Restricts blood vessels, makes it harder for the body to heal itself.

Second, no dry/scratchy/salty foods. If you have open cuts/sores/scratches in your throat and not just swelling, they're gonna hurt.

Get an antiseptic mouthwash/gargle, over here in Aus there is one called Betadine, not sure what you guys have over there. Lemon throat lozenges help with soothing.

If it's still bad more than a few days after it started, go to the doctor and ask them, if they think it's appropriate (they are the doctor of course), if they can give you an anti-inflammatory to settle your throat down. These things are the biz.

Hope something in there helps, seriously though, don't smoke for a few days, no matter what flavour it is smoke isn't good for your throat
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