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Default Re: Nurturing a sore throat

best things i can suggest

-use a sinus rinse, not just a spray but the full blow rinse, it is weird as shit the first time you do it but i promise it helps, i do it every day now

-juice and vit c are your friends, try mixing a bit of baking soda in to juice and drink it (like 1/8-1/4 tsp) supposedly it makes your body go basic in the PH and kills the cold faster (was told it by an alternative med guy i go to who is pretty good with his treatments)

-follow a diet that makes your body go basic in PH (google what the foods are) it helps and its not too bad, dont have to go hard core with it just avoid some of the acidifying foods and look more towards the ones that make you go basic (ironically citrus fruit/juice make you go basic)

-the only cold med that works for me is good old pseusdefed (how ever you spell it), and musinex, the other crap in some of the meds keep me up bad at night and give me anxiety at night (and i dont ever have anxiety attacks normally/during the day, just when i take night quil and cant fall back to sleep after 4 hours of hard sleep)

-idk if smoking really is good for you when you are sick but i noticed that some flavors do kick stuff out or at least make your nose run, i usually stick to mint and citrus flavors and since nakhla and tangiers are more natural i guess it has the real thing in them.

push the fluids and get a lot of sleep, avoiding any foods with gluten (any thing with wheat rye and barley) may help kick it out faster as well, i have celiac so eating that is really really really bad for me (my body lets gluten into my blood stream basically as apposed to keeping it in the digestive track and gluten is horrid for your system no matter if you have an issue with it or are "normal", but in my case it made my colds last for months and once i stopped eating anything with it my colds were a few days... along with a lot less digestive "upset", lost my pudge, and felt better)... </ gluten free rant>

but seriously use the sinus rinse, its not like getting water up your nose in a pool, the pressure is there but not that sting in the back of your head, it can be a touch tingly but its not bad
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