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Default Re: Need help lighting Coco Naras

put them on the burner and wait until the corners are ashed all the way up (if you leave them on a little past this the sides should all get that way too) then flip and let them sit a few more mins, they do take a long time, when i got the CH coals i was surprised how fast they lit (but they also dont stay as hot when small). i also noticed that if you dont get the coals lit all the way and try to go back and reheat them its kind of an uber fail for some reason.

do you have a coal carrier? if so once they are lit well, put them in it and swing the carrier back and forth (they will stay in if you are fluid in your movement, ive never had a coal come out and i do it every time), it helps them get hot well since the air is passing over them.

coco nars do have a learning curve a bit to them i wont lie but they are exceptional coals, my beef with them was price and the slightly inconsistent size, so CH coals are my go to coals now, if cocos were the same price or pretty close i would switch back, but like 60% more coal wins out

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