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Default Re: Exotica Coal Problem Fixed

Originally Posted by JillyIsJustKidding View Post
Ahah! I emailed Gabe and asked him and showed him pics of the box...He said that tehse are the new ones. I'm not surprised because this batch blows all the rest of the Exoticas out of the water.

I barely just got done with a very old batch of Exoticas (before any improvements were made) and those sucked really bad.

I bought this new box from the Armenian Grocery store near my house and these coals are very good.

If your box has something like this, its a new batch:

Heh, I love these coals. I smoked with this batch the first time last night and these coals didn't break upon ashing! Very surprising! The box feels heavier and the coals feel denser, too.

Lmao, I am happy to report I did not find any dental floss nor metal pieces (like I did a while back) in this :P
i noticed the old ones left a burnt smell where you lit them, kind of like a stale campfire, not really woody just a little clean burnt smell, i wouldnt notice until i was out of my apartment for a while and came back (like how you wont notice the trash is smelling). do the new batches seem to do it?

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