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Default Re: Starbuzz bluemist with pepsi in the base

Originally Posted by The Egyptian View Post
Still a myth too ....
you need to watch mythbusters my friend, diet coke and mentos gets all teh carbonation out in seconds, they break down the scientific reasons too
Originally Posted by Dakins View Post
Do you remember Crystal Pepsi?

In Japan, they also have this stuff.

i dont remember that specifically but my friends dad worked for pepsi and got prototye stuff they gave out to the employs to try out and they tried to bring it back

Originally Posted by Ki2656 View Post
Has anyone ever tired that combo? it taste so GOOD and my smoke was thicker Has any one ever tried Mountain Dew with a flavor and if so what flavor?
i did BM and cola shisha that was pretty good mix havent tried soda in the base

Originally Posted by abu ronin View Post
be careful! Carbonated beverages can be corrosive to many metals.
i wouldnt worry to much about pepsi in a hookah base as long as you dont leave it there, coke now i would say not to use it but i think pepsi is a higher PH

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