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Default Re: Well i was Banned

Originally Posted by KartStar
mush it does seem like your judgement is being clouded by the red mist a little, i have to be honest. I have no problem with you on a personal level, but seriously smoke a bowl and chill out, no need to go on a crusade here. I just wanna talk about hookah and get the occasional piece of advice and give the occasional piece of advice. Lately the forums havent been about that, BOTH of them, not blamming you for this mush, but your kinda the figure head behind it, i know theres more behind the scenes and its not just you. And Smiley and Zero and Korn, you guys equally need to chill out and stop crusading over there and going on about how they suck, if you like it here better, thats great, so post here, but going over there and causing a ruckus just hurts those of us that just want to peacefully post on both forums.
-My $.02
btw, just so it doesnt seem like im hiding, Im skiracerj1 over there Mush, i changed my name because i no longer ski race, not to have a hidden identity

All I did was defend smiley when perz said he raised his business prices to "hook" us onto his stuff. That was all.