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Default So pissed about new Romman Vanilla order!!! help!

So, to start I love/loved romman's vanilla. So much so that I would mix it with practically everything. I recently purchesed some and they were out of it so they had to send me 5 50 gram packs instead of 2 125g packs or 1 250 g pack.. anyway that batch was now obviously sense they "" or hookah wholesalers were out of the big packs they must of placed a new order.

Anyway, I ordered a half a kilo, (2 250g tins) of vanilla and it tastes absolutely horrible. This was obviously from the new batch because they got more in. I called and they said that they were constantly perfecting their flavors and that might be the difference.. but it is way way different (not the old vanilla at all when smelling up close). When I smell the bag from afar it resembles turkish coffee. So, someone at hookah wholesalers told me that might be the problem.

So, I then went to the local hookah store and smelled their new order of vanilla and when smelling the bag it smelled like vanilla but then when opened up it smelled like turkish coffee or something that led me to believe they didnt accidently send me turkish coffee unless they sent that store turkish coffee by mistake.. So either I got sent turkish coffee, and so did the store owner, or they changed the forumula so much so that it is unbearable in terms of the sweet creamy cake like vanilla that I used to love. I see that it could be a possibility that they sent me and the store owner both turkish coffee because when sending out orders (since the individual bags don't have flavor names printed on them) they often just smell the bags and determine it that way. And from this way it smells like vanilla.

However, some of the flavors smell so similar from the outside like (blueberry, and berrybreeze) that they have put sticky tags labeling some of the packages... so either they need to do that with the turkish coffee/vanilla or they just changed the formula completely...Sorry for such a long just trying to get down to the bottom of this... Any similar experiences or anything at all will help. Thanks!
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