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Default upnapcking and packing nakhla

As most of you know I have been trying as much shisha as I can and always experimenting with packing/bowls/hole patterns ect.
Nakhla has been my go to brand for about a month or so. I still like other brands but I like that Nakhla is more natural imo. No bright dyes for example.
Eric, the owner of Tangiers, who has a passion for making his product and has probably imo the most natural process of making his tobacco will even say that nakhla is a really good brand of tobacco.
Anyways, what I have been doing is using the Tangiers process of placing Nakhla tobacco into a flat shallow tupperware and breaking all of it aprat. When I was less experienced I would barley open the bag, take a pinch and spread it into the bowl. What I have found is that if you take all of it and spread it you will get an even distribution of the wet and dry portions. not only that you'll see that the cut of Nakhla is long strips whereas I used to think is was clumped chunks.
In addition, packing it in a phunnel in the same manner as Tangiers and using tons of holes as I demonstrated in a youtube video (how to pack Nakhla Tangiers style) it gets the most smoke.
Today I chose Strawberry (against Dunk's suggestions) and it's smoking great. The flavor is much better than I remember in the past about Strawberry.
the point of all this is to really take your time and try new methods with the same products you've always smoked and see if you can get better results.
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