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Default Re: Random questions about shisha....

1. it all depends on the brand and the flavor. some last only an hour and some last over 5 hours. when you get little flavor out of the tobacco you know you are near the end. alternatively you can take off the foil and check the tobacco. if it is very dry and there is little moisture anywhere in it your done but if it is very moist you still got a while to go.

2. how not to burn the tobacco is by watching your heat and your packing. if you overpack your tobacco you will burn it because some of is is touching the foil. if any touches the foil generally it will get harsh quickly so try to avoid this. the other way is heat management and experience. how much heat you need depends on the flavor and brand so this is where experience falls in. when you are first trying out a new brand its nice to try it in half coals if your using jap easylites, if your using a quicklite then use it in quarter coals. and if your using exoticas cut it into sixths. another thing which will help is a windcover as it adds extra heat without a whole extra piece of coal. it doesnt add as much heat in most cases but in some cases it can be a little hotter than adding a coal. even with that in mind always try a windcover to see if the extra heat helps and if it doesnt you can easily take off the cover and have not wasted a piece of coal.

3. this last one depends on the brand and flavor also. some of the flavors of some brands are very strong in flavor while others are quite weak in that area. also some brands flavor are better than another so experiment to find the one you like more.

4. depends how long your bowl has been going but generally its the heat. do not worry about getting super thick clouds and then getting thin ones as much. its more about the flavor i say rather than the smoke.
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