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Default Re: Increase in shisha prices in the UK and EU

*cough*ronald reagan was the devil*cough* ahh man this damn cold is getting to me...
Honestly, expect tobacco to always rise, we have 3 main vices in this country, and in most states we only allow 2. Gambling, Alcohol, and Tobacco, we tax the hell out of them, when we need more taxes, we say fuck it, lets make rarebreed wild turkey even more expensive for photolinger, lets make Starbuzz even more expensive than its worth. If you're ok with legalizing other vices, you can tax the hell out of those, but since we only have a few to work with, the government doesnt feel as bad taxing those...and bailing out failing car companies, and allowing AIG to waste millions of bailout dollars on a handful of executives staying in resorts *for work*.

This really belongs in the serious discussion btw.

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