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Default Re: km hose works better than nammor?

Look a little resistance is ok, to remind you that you are smoking and not breathing smoke. You pay that much for a washable hose for 1 main reason. Ghosting. Its not mentioned enough here, I might make a vid for it.

A nonwashable hose should only be used with 1 flavor or similar flavors to it. This hose will build up flavor as long as it is properly maintained. You can smoke out of a 20 year old hose with no fear if you maintain it properly. Just blow on the hose after and before each use.

The washable hose does not build of flavor because you wash it. You wash it cause you don't want your mint you smoked 5 weeks ago to still overpower you melon. You may not the citrus taste of the orange on your single apple flavor.

KM hoses are wide gauged, cool, so is the exhaust on my car, but i try to find a proper pipe instead . They work fine, i don't use it on the KM i own for one main reason, it died. without having pressure applied to it, my KM hose unraveled on the inside, causing it to collapse and making it impossible to smoke out of...honestly went with the craftsmanship of the ashtray and tongs it came with...but anyhow a washable hose shouldnt really be compared to a non washable hose because you should be purchasing them for separate tasks.

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