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Default Re: just got new hookah!

Such as?

partially related...i was pondering what type of hookah i have was the very first one i bought a few years back before i really got into hookah smoking or knowing the basics behind it. *i bought it at my local high end pipe/cigar shop and probably overpaid at the time. *i never knew what brand it was or what country it came from. *i was going to take more detailed pics of it this week and post a thread asking about it, but i figure i'll post the one pic i have here for now and see if i can find out anything about it.

i'm guessing it's Syrian from what i've has 3 hose inlets (i have attachments for all 3) and the bottom of the stem has a hex nut on it. *has an ice chamber on top with a release valve you can see and it came with a clay bowl. *like i said i'll get better pics later if you guys need them.

p.s. i apologize for the thread hijack...yay Mya Bambinos!
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