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Default Re: More Coals? Less Coals?

with my mod bowl packed flufy with a gap below the foil
2 layers normal foil (or 1 of HD but i can only find heavy strength now which is not hte same)
3 CH nat coals

only tangiers do i really smoke out of my small phunnel but i use 2-3 on that, usually start with 3 and drop one if it gets harsh and then the next round go with 2 unless i dont pay attention and light 3 again.

there is a good balance on most flavors between flavor and smoke and one point, going much past it for smoke is kinda pointless and doesnt get much thicker with out getting harsh. also moving the coals is a big thing to do, if you dont you will get heat up parts to much.

honestly a lot of smoke is nice but if your losing flavor to get them, its pointless IMHO

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