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Default Hookah Suggestions?

Hey guys im new to the forums and i have been smoking hooka for about 2 years now and i bought my own personal hookah on christamas day and i have been in love veer since. (This is my hookah and my hookahs name is Mr.Gutter lol. It hits very amazingly and its top notch quality for such a low price. I am pretty good at setting everythign up for the hookah before we start a smoking session but i know that peopel replace water with different liquids like wine or so forth but my question to you guys is i know thta you can put milk in the cold water and it makes the smoke better. But the thing is i dont know how much milk to add to the water so maybve you guys can help me and go step by step on ho much or littlemilk before or after the cold wtare.. thanks guys :]
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