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Default Re: Nahkla Put Me In The Hospital...

This is the strangest story about smoking i've ever heard. When you smoke too much, and I think it's excessive to smoke for over two hours a day, what normally happens is that you get sick from too much CO exposure. If you do something crazy like smoke a super strong tobacco for a few hours I suppose you could get sick from the nicotine but i've never heard of anyone's throat clamping down. That definitely is strange but it doesn't seem obvious what you are alergic too or why you attribute it to Nakhla rather then Fantasia.

What I recomend is that you smoke a lot less, never more then an hour a day. Smoke only on a full stomach, drink a lot when you smoke and have some fresh fruit while smoking. When you smoke don't inhale deeply if at all and only smoke with fully lit natural coals.
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