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Default Re: Nahkla Put Me In The Hospital...

It really sounds like a food allergy. Are you allergic to any food? Have you smoked Nakhla before this? If anything it sounds like the Fantasia was the problem.

The onset, if caused by nakhla, would have occurred during smoking - you did smoke a whole bowl without problems, and then symptoms appear out of nowhere? I know monoxide poisoning can cause shallow breathing and too much can cause your throat to swell, so I think that is what happened to you.

And honestly, i don't see how a doctor could diagnose you are treat you while also differentiating between two forms of shisha which most non-smokers know absolutely noting about. Ohh, after a 2 hour rest FROM the Nakhla. Were yous moking anything during the 2 hours? or resting?

This is almost obviously monoxide poisoning.
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