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Default Re: Increase in shisha prices in the UK and EU

Originally Posted by Mende View Post
All the shisha stores just jacked the prices up to 10 pounds for a 250g Nakhla pack. they used to be 5-7 pounds! I been also getting reports from Romania that teh prices have doubled. Anyone aware of any new taxes?
It seems to me that since tobacco consumers are politically weak and unorganized and a popular target of scorn it's easy to get the state to demand we shoulder the needs of the rest of society. Raising tobacco taxes is always a safe move politically so the fact that higher taxes means less consumption and hence less revenue is a fact consciously ignored.

Naturally, our masters here in Europa see fit to subsidize/encourage various sexual practices that that are for more harmful to public welfare but since such things are fashionable with the cultural Bolshevik elite nothing will change. Another factor to which our masters are oblivious too is that the prohibitive taxes on tobacco have destroyed a great many jobs which has an economic cost as does the rise in criminal syndicates trafficking tobacco.
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