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Default Re: Interested in importing hookahs

Originally Posted by Scoop View Post
T.E. first off, thanks for helping do this. i saw the old pics, but i know they have hookahs that weren't pictured. I've seen a few different "rare" ones, similar to yours before. There is also an all brass/copper stem, and the same stem in stainless steel/brass.

would those shops let you take different pics ,or thats pretty much all theyd let you do?

Problem is, I do not have the time to go there again and have photos taken, I have to drive there, park far away from the shop, walk for about 20 minutes each way, so it is kinda hard for me to go there to take photos.

Also btw my trimetal is all copper/brass. The white part is brass anodized with Nickel (that is what they told me)
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