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Default Re: Increase in shisha prices in the UK and EU

Originally Posted by wonderland View Post
its really not just tobacco going up... in my lounge the price for bottled pop has gone up, chips have gone up, slim jims... it never seems like that much until i add it up... its amazing what $0.05 increase can do to a final number.
You are seeing part of Obama's "printing press stimulus program" in action. When you spend a few trillion you don't have not only does the deficit go up but that money enters circulation because a lot more of it is printed which causes something called inflation. Basically when you have more money entering an economy that is producing less (i.e. you have a recession or, more accurately a depression) it devalues the currency. What this means is that not only will your great grand children be paying interest payments on the new debt generated but the price of everything will go up meaning that your purchasing power will go down even if your income doesn't.
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