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Default Re: Nicotine Free/Less

Originally Posted by HuMMuS View Post
Ok, so ive been smoking hookah for some time. I just never had my own till a few days ago. I was wonder why my head hurt from smoking it the other day. the shisha im using is Al Waha - Apple. Someone told me that it could be the nicotine. I wanted to know has anyone had this problem? and could they recommend something I might like better. Like a nicotine free one such as Soex Herbal Shisha. or something lighter in the nicotine. Thanks
Al Waha is a washed product with very little nicotine but frankly I and millions of other smoke high nicotine, unwashed products all the time with no problem so I doubt that is the issue. Instead, you mostly likely smoke to aggressively and got too much CO exposure.

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