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Default Re: Nahkla Put Me In The Hospital...

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
there are a lot of small things that some people have reactions to, and some things that even the manufactures of food or what ever do not know about. many times flavors/spices/etc are made by one company by combining ingredients from other companies, sold to companies that then sell it to you. you would be surprised how much of a hassle it is if you eat gluten free (as an example since i have to and know it the best) how much things have it in them because of some stupid thing that is put in way back in the line.

if you have a horrid pollen allergy you probably shouldnt smoke any tobacco with honey because there is some pollen still in the honey (my friend cannot eat honey, any with out getting ill because he has such a bad allergy to it).

and again, if the doc things you had a reaction to something you smoked 2 hours before and then started smoking something else and got a reaction they are stupid or there was a lack of communication some how. if your throat is going to close up like that it would happen right away when you smoke what is giving you issues

Amen matt.
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