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Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
But you were breaking the law. Stop doing that.
Originally Posted by Ninorey123 View Post
"Stop doing that."

haha omg. that was great. +1

lol haha yeah +2

but yeah if your going to be talking about nht and ilegal activities and incriminating yourself and possibly be breaking the rules as well as breaking laws and not only make your self look bad but hookah smokers in general ...there's already so much stigma around it... you may want to considder ethier discontine discussing that or discontinue being a member of this forum... though I hope you choose to stay only because this comunity is so great and everysingle person makes it better ^_^

but I'm not here to be a back seat mod so...

... what I will say is just get a mya qt 2 hose ...but if your going to be smoking alone you might a on hose as well an adapter and a good hose too...or two

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