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Default you dont know what you have till its gone..

Ok. So the story is:
Today I was going to have a hookah session at my friends house (the one in all the videos with me) and we both knew that we were out of Coconaras, now thats not a problem cause the shop in our town sells them. The problem was, A FOOT OF SNOW. So i have a nissan xterra, 4wd, the snow was nothing really.. but apparently the fucking store owner decided that it wasnt important that he run his business. So we were on the hunt.
Well we finally found this middle-eastern owned store (10 miles away, in the hard snow) that sold a little hookah stuff and also some cigar and pipe stuff. We walked into the door and looked to our right, and found what we had been looking for. 3kings quick lights, we were saved(maybe not). So anyway we ended up just buying two rolls to have on hand.
I have had experience with 3k so i wasnt really skeptical, but after smoking coconaras for the past probably 30 bowls, i had become spoiled. Within 20 minutes of the first bowl, i began to get a pounding headache, so i just decided to slow it down and drink alot of water. I figured that would fix it. It did not, now everytime i exert any physical energy i get lightheaded and a pounding headache ensues. For reference, I know how to light coals and i know that they need to be completely red and ashy.

my question to you: Is the factor the coals or is it just a bad day for me?
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