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Thanks for the replies everyone. I am always delighted to see just how knowledgeable people here are. Basically, I think i'll smoke Tangiers with the mod from now on as the time it takes to go through a small funnel without one is far more time then I ever have.

As to stems i've opened exactly one pack of Tangiers and the stem problem is the worst i've ever seen. A woody quality is alright with some natural tobacco flavours but in something that is supposedly fruit flavoured it's a bad thing to have. Also, the vast majority of nicotine is found in the stems and roots of tobacco rather then in the leaves and i've always felt that excessive nicotine takes away from the pleasures of smoking rather then add too it.

I have gone back to a half used bowl and topped it off with good results the first time and mediocre results the second so I guess i'll try not to do it again.

The acclimation thing is a bit of a hassle as when I first tried to smoke Tangiers I did so after letting it sit around for about four hours and the stuff was harsh and very unpleasant. My second attempt was after letting it sit around for more then a full day and was very good in terms of flavour, smoke and mouth feel.

While i've just tried the blueberry my impression is that Tangiers is a good product but it is a very fusy one that requires a lot of practice to use properly. While the flavour of the blueberry was good it was not as realistic as I like but good nonetheless.
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