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Default Re: Free Saalaam Samples

Originally Posted by caravantrading View Post
Hi folks! Carleen here from Caravan Trading. This is my first post, so please be kind.

Once I figured out how the promo took off like a Meatloaf album (you know, Bat Out of Hell), I decided to drop in and let you all know that the packages are all ready to go, except for ten that I haven't gotten a flavor selection for yet. My intention was to get them all out in today's mail which would have been possible had it been only 50, until Ali, the amazing Egyptian dude, decided to up the ante to 100 without taking into consideration that I still have a stack of essays to grade before class tomorrow afternoon. Since my "real" job sometimes has to take the driver's seat, I figured that a quick explanation to y'all would hopefully keep us in your good graces. That is, of course, unless you happen to be one of my students and don't like the grade on your paper!

Anywho, our postal carrier will pick up the packages in the morning and get them on their way. Thanks again to all who participated -- it was a lot of fun!
thanks for introducing yourself Carleen, I have met Ali a couple of times and he is great person. I had a question for you. Will this shisha be available on your website or through vendors only? I have purchased some items in the past from Ali and he gave me some samples as well however I assume he will only be wholesaling, please advise. It;s really nice if a wholesaler can take part in this forum as many don't take the time to promote their product, they rely on us vendors so support from you is realy great, thanks
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