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Default Re: Nahkla Put Me In The Hospital...

Originally Posted by wonderland View Post
My friend is allergic to all milk products (glucose, something else there are like 3 things) no dairy at all... he could ingest it and no have any reaction until 8 hrs later... this actually happened once... we went and had wings... well the sauce had butter in it... and when he went to go to bed it hit him and it was like 8 hours later... had to epi pen himself and be rushed to the hospital....
well that sounds like he has some lower gi allergy to it so that makes sense but most food allergies are pretty fast. and glucose is the sugar your brain uses to function, you can have issues with getting really ill from the levels being off but that is pretty rare.

Originally Posted by Murkmastur View Post
now THAT..would suck..I mean, Nakhla's great, but lobster and steak? I would want to go to the hospital asap just to get THAT fixed.
try not being able to eat anything with wheat,rye,barley, or spelt or anything made from them at all

as to the OP, glad to hear it was that, well not glad but you know what i mean. and i also want to know what coals there were, i smoke 2-3 bowls a night and never have issues, but i do use nat coals (the QLs give me headaches/taste like shit and i havent used them for a good while now)

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