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Default Cleaning hookah?

Hey sup guys.. i have a bad habit of not cleanign my hooka after everytime i use it in which i know is bad and not good for my hookah,IF anythign i clean it about 2-3 times a week out of pure lazyness in which i know i need to stop becuase i really love my hookah.So when i do clean it i do the essentials by getting a sponge putting alot of soap and cleaning as much as i can on the stem,bowl,vase.but i cant reach inside the stem so i kow i need to buy a cleaning kit asap cuz its adding on with all the crap in the stem and its nasty in my main question is whenever i clean my hookah theirs still stains on their like the bowl obviously cuz its burnt is their any way i can make it squeky clean again somehow without all the black marks and i heard that its good to clean hookas with vinegar is that true and if so does tha1t apply completely everywhere on the hookah including inside of the vase and in the stem and connecter that screws onto it? thanks :]
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