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Default Re: Must try flavours??

Originally Posted by faeriekitsune View Post
I actually like HH and HF, but also remember I'm a college kid and that's pretty much what I can afford. SB is a precious rare commodity around here.

Out of HH, Pomegranate, Lemonade, Cola, Peach, Cherry, Orange, and Vanilla are all pretty good. HF, I really like the Holy Shisha as a mixer and X-Presso.

But really, what flavors are good is personal preference. I mean, I actually like some of the Al Wahas.... shh!
if you can afford HH/HF you can afford most other brands as well, believe me im a college kid with no job

Originally Posted by HuMMuS View Post
how long is tobacco good for. i asked in another forum post but no one said anything.
how long can it be stored for
2 years from manufacture date sealed for sure, 6 months after opened if it is sealed well, as a guide but you usually can go longer, john sells expired AF at a cheap rate and people still buy it and say its fine

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