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Originally Posted by Thunder View Post
That actually helped me quite a bit. I tried my luck again with the vortex and figured out a few things in the process.

Bowl: fluffily packed, below the rim as always.

The best hole pattern for the foil is around the rim, two circles of about 12~14 holes one inside of the other. No holes anywhere near the center. Two to three coals depending on the shisha you're using.

The vortex needs a lot of heat to start up. A windcover is almost essential if you're not using nats. Once the bowl is at the right heat, it conserves its heat rather well throughout the session. I got great smoke with Nakhla two apples and it never got harsh using QLs (I know, sue me). I can't imagine the results with CH coals or exoticas.

Once I'm done experimenting, I'll write a noob's guide for the vortex
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