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Default Re: Milky Thick Smoke

Originally Posted by nickster5001 View Post
that kinda sounds doable. How much coil do you think you'd need?

edit: and is copper the best choice as far as inhaling fumes go? I don't think the heat is an issue but i wouldn't want the smoke to taste like copper either.
well i think copper should be safe, i mean most water pipes in your house are copper and brass is mostly copper so i dont think there will be an issue, you may just need to clean it out like you do a hookah. to get coper to the point it would be dangerous to breath, well you cannot do it in the home, it needs to melt (1800*f ish, dont remember the number off hand) then boil (3000*f). <metals rant> people always worry about if metals are safe to heat, for the most part the only things you should worry about are lead and zinc, and even those there is not enough heat from a hookah coal to do much with those metals, maybe a little on zinc if you put a coal right on it and hit it with air to get it hot but even that is not going to give you much. brass (which is just copper and zinc), copper, silver (sterling or fine), gold, platinum, palladium, etc should all be safe to be heated to the levels used in hookah, even with a coal right on the metal it self. and while zinc can leach out of metals it is alloyed in you need to get the alloy pretty close if not to the melting point (anhydrous melting point) which for brass is still very high for our uses (900* C, to lazy to convert it to F but ya its like 15-1600 *f i think) </metals rant>

as far as how much if it was me i would make a large coil, you just get the dead soft copper pipe from the hard ware store and coil it around something like a glass or large tube to give it a shape (make sure the coils have space between each so it can have the most surface area to the water). i would make it with at least 2 inches inside the coil if not 3 or 4, and probably 6 inches long, probably 4-6 coils as a guesstimation, or what ever the cooler you have will allow

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