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Default Re: Stickam Smoking?

Originally Posted by chrisicool View Post
There's a lot of us that use stickam to talk to each-other, a lot of regulars in the hookah lounge chatroom. But we try to keep it seperate from Hookahpro so that it doesnt negatively influence HP in any way. I'll send people here sometimes when they're really interested in learning about hookah or want to find a good community, but we get a lot of really whacked up people in the channel from time to time. It's best to keep them away from HP. But hit us up in the chatroom man, we're always there.
Yeah seperate is right, HP did a little thing with stickam ahwile back and it ended up not doing so well lets just say. So yeah the stickam room is just uber chill. and we get to see Byron yell hella loud when he's playing his videogames LOL!!
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