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Default Re: Can't Smoke Indoors

Originally Posted by HuMMuS View Post
ya campus cops are dicks. one time we took our hookah out front to smoke and they told us to go round back cuz there was a family tour going on and they dont want people to think the wrong thing. i told them to f*** off im 15 feet from the door. you want me to move go get some real cops. so they did. they showed up wanted to see what we were smoking. i showed them, they said we were cool where we were. as long as were not causing problems. i told them the only problem im going to cause if i get shit for doing things i want to do legally
ya, here they would bug us to get off the patio in front of the dorms i was in, but it was retarded, we couldnt sit at a table but we could sit 10 feet over on the little wall next to the side walk.

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