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Default Re: Common Chamber vs 2-port vs 4-port

I have experience with both. I own a Traditional Egyptian with a 2 port chamber, and two Mya's which have
common chambers.

2 port chamber: (Traditional Egyptians, and the majority of other types of hookahs)
Pros- Two port chambers are MUCH more effective at clearing the chamber's smoke out when the session gets harsh.

Cons- I noticed that on my Egyptian, as I was cleaning it out one day, I heard a light splash of water. As if it was being contained somewhere inside of the hookah itself. Upon further inspection, I realized that the water noise was coming from the port neck itself. It seems that from cleaning, water had made it's way through the bottom port holes and into the neck of the hookah. I haven't been able to take the water out from there, so it stayed. Kind of nasty to think that there has been a small amount of old water stuck in there for over a year. But so far, it hasn't affected a session in a negative way so I guess it doesn't matter.

Common Chamber: (Mya)
Pros- since it's not "sealed", there's no way water could get stuck in it. And also you can stick a brush in the actual port chamber to clean an area where you usually can't get to with any other type of hookah. This means less chance of lingering taste/smell and better cleaning.

Cons- On Mya's, the angle at which the port holes are drilled into the chamber are not all that great. They don't allow the chamber to be 100% cleared of all it's smoke when you blow into the hose. Only a little smoke will come out from the purge valve, but not all of it in the chamber. This kind of sucks, because when the session get's harsh, you can't really fix it by using the purge valve and clearing the chamber. Instead you just have to take off a coal, or wait it out. This will happen to a hookah newbie, but for someone with experience, you should know how to prevent your session from ever getting harsh. Specially if you've owned your Mya for a while and know how to work it.
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