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Default Re: KM VS. MZ

Honestly... the main difference between KM and MZ is that KM's are charging more money due to using more brass in their hookahs and due to the fact that they have a "reputation". In my personal experience my MZ hits better than the KM's I have smoked from. I even had first hand with my hookah setup right next to a KM and after fixing the air leak from the bowl got bigger clouds and easier pulls than Mahir's KM. Also the fact that I don't have to lug around a 30lb hookah when I have to move it/clean is very nice. I really wanted to get a KM for the longest time till I got my MZ from **********, and got to compare it to a KM, this baby hits like a champ!

I compared a couple KM's to my MZ and as far as aesthetics the MZ has much smoother welds and very slick looking, while the KM's I have seen are more thrown together and welds that are just kind of splattered in. Don't get me wrong the KM is an amazing hookah, but if you want something easy to use and a heck of a lot cheaper go with an MZ.

I will actually be ordering a new 48" double pear MZ from nazarhookah when/if he can get them in soon.

Gonna get the pink/red one :-)
Just so you know the difference in prices, for MZ the 48" double pear is about $89 and the 34" about $69. KM's are 34" about $119, and a 41" for about $129. So a savings of about 40-50 bucks

Hope this helps and didn't sound like a bash on KM cause I have nothing but respect for them, but seeing as most people are on such a short budget it helps to find a deal when something is just as good of quality for a heck of a lot cheaper.
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