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Default Re: can somebody PLEASE clear this up for me...and everyone else?!

I have had the worst time with it. I have at least gotten it to the point where I can say it to my friend from the Sudan and He knows what I am talking about on the first try. It took a minute to get there. Best way for me is just not to think about it. If I think about it and really try to do it right I screw it up. If I don't think about it out it comes. It goes something like this. Al (like Al Bundy or Call me Al if you are into older music). Fu (like Fudge or Fuck or Fudd) KH (like you have a hair ball but not so dramatic like the way X is pronounced in Russian kind of a hard H) er (as though you were trying to think of what to say or misspoke er I mean).
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