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Default Re: Nahkla Put Me In The Hospital...

When i first heard this my reaction is that it would be more the coals than the tobaccos! I mean especially if there Crap QL's the Only QL i use are three kings, and that because IF you let them get all the way lit I've never had a issue with those. Even Akahla coals have issues from time to time. The second reaction i had was, why wouldnt it be the fantasia and not the NAkahla? Finally i thought...... Maybe hes alergic to bananas?

I think Nakahla is probally the most basic and "safe", I would say lightly since were talking about tobbacco, of the choices you have out there. I'm a Baja Fanboy, I dont Deny it. But If i want a good box-o-fallback, never bad smoke. Its nakhla. Its cheap, it taste good, its 0 work.
Yes, I have smoked Shooting star, Hills Bro's Jurak, and Ar-Rass. And yes, this is just me gloating...... Check that.. now add Ikhtiyar ............ cause that's awesome too....
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